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Miley Cyrus sextape released! Is it really her?!

Now we found an interesting video on the internet. It’s a sextape and they claim it’s Miley but we’re not really sure. It really does looks like her but then again we wouldn’t know the size of her breasts or body to check it up. Do you know it? Please share your thoughts and let us know if it’s really Miley Cyrus sex tape or not.

Either way, enjoy!

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Miley Cyrus more nude pictures!

This time we’ve got some beautiful magazine shots which show Miley Cyrus nude in many cases. She looks beautiful with her long hair (you can already guess, we HATE her new style) and it just weakens my heart when I see her like this. You can see more of Miley including the sextape at CelebsUncensored, so click here now!





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Miley Cyrus nude pictures!

We all know Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana from her show back in the days. Well, this girl grew into a little brat and keeps shocking us over and over again with the craziest news flashes. Well, we got good news for you. We gathered some of the hottest scandal pictures of her and are posting this for you to see. It’s incredible how well this girl is doing because of these scandals. Maybe not a Miley Cyrus sextape yet, but there’s a lot that you can see! Enjoy the pictures!




Here you can see Miley Cyrus taking a shower… wow!